Where is Casa Carrer

Casa Carrer is situated in the south outskirts of Sacile, a few kilometers from the wood of Cansiglio, from Piancavallo (skiing area) and in an hour, you can reach the tourist places of Dolomiti, Trieste, Caorle (a fishing village near Venezia) or Grado (another picturesque village by the sea).

You can take the ferry boat in Punta Sabbioni and go to Venezia by the sea: S. Marco square, seen from the lagoon, is unforgettable.

Sacile is an ancient beautiful city, surrounded by the river Livenza, where you can make excursions with canoes or ride a bike following the flow of the river to reach Villa Varda park, ancient house of the Venetian counts Morpurgo.
The source of the river Livenza is near and you have to visit it

The branch of Gorgazzo, in Polcenigo, is famous for the beauty and the pureness of the water that flows with the colours of the rainbow, from the red of the banks, brought about the seaweed, to the changing deep blue that becomes a darker turquoise.

The other source is in reality a resurgence in a place in Polcenigo named Santissima. It is a wonderful natural spectacle and there you can see ancient lake-dwellings finds. Here the beauty of the water is incomparable.