Bed and Breakfast Casa Carrer

Casa Carrer was born by my (Laura) and my partner Gilberto’s old dream. It is the result of a restoration of a rural house of the beginning of 1900, then used as B&B (bed and breakfast).

The restoration has been made following the bio architecture dictates with lime walls, wood structure, stone floors and then furnished following the local traditions.

The house has alternative electric energy, led lightening, photovoltaic system, solar panels, and a pool to save rainwater for irrigation and animals watering.

We have a horse (Valencia), a dog (Camilla), three cats (Gigio, Eta and Mici), the rooster Cocò and three free hens, in addition to the bats, the blackbirds, and other inhabitants who live in the neighbourhood. The surrounding rural area has been improved adding trees and a little wood.


The result is a comfortable place, suitable for relaxing and reinvigorating holidays with a beautiful country garden where you can have breakfast under the trees.